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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown P.E.I - (May 12 to 19)

CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown P.E.I - (May 12 to 19)


CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown P.E.I - (May 12 to 19)  
Team Quinte -- Kyla J.R. Wiesner, Theresa DeCola,Emilie Leneveu Katie Rampp, Corey Morrison, Dan Manning, and Melissa Wright



CWSF 2012

It’s quite an honour for students to be selected to attend our country’s most prestigious science fair: the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF). Your child certainly deserves recognition for this accomplishment, and that’s exactly what we intend to do this May when your young scientist joins us in Prince Edward Island.
The Host Committee members for CWSF 2012 are already hard at work to make sure that the experience all student finalists have in Charlottetown will be memorable for all the right reasons—new experiences, outstanding activities and friendships to last a lifetime. This will be the first time in 51 years that the CWSF takes place in our province, so it will be an event for us to remember too.
Our primary goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for all students at CWSF 2012 while allowing them to enjoy their experience to the utmost. To keep track of registered participants and manage access to the events, all participants, including adult chaperones (delegates) and volunteers, are required to display their CWSF 2012 photo identification badges during all activities from start to end of the fair (May 12 to 19).
Meals at the University of Prince Edward Island campus will be prepared by Chartwells. The Host Committee and Youth Science Canada have taken feedback from past fairs into account to ensure that menus will satisfy finalists and suit their dietary requirements. Please note special dietary needs during the online registration process and notify your delegate (the adult team leader from your region who accompanies the finalists) of any medical issues, allergies, disabilities, etc.
Please ensure that your child understands that the adults appointed by his/her regional science fair (known as the delegate and alternate delegates) are acting on your behalf, and that your child must have any activity approved by that adult before proceeding. It is vital to your child’s safety and well being that we have delegates and alternate delegates fulfill this parental role at CWSF 2012. It is equally important that your child recognize their authority as well as that of any authorised CWSF officials or appointed delegates, who are ensuring a safe environment for everyone’s sake.
As part of the arrival process, everyone (student finalists and delegates alike) will attend an orientation session to learn about emergency procedures, safety, and expectations for behaviour. An emergency contact list will also be provided to all participants.
Further CWSF 2012 details will be posted on this website in the months ahead, so simply review the content as May 2012 approaches. If you have any questions or require more information between now and then, please refer to the contact details on the CWSF 2012 website. During the week of the fair, this website will also feature daily blogs to help you to keep up with many of the activities your young scientist is experiencing.
We look forward to hosting your young scientist and plan to make this event a safe, enjoyable, and educational experience for everyone!
Bill Whelan and Andrew Trivett, co-chairs, 2012 CWSF Host Committee

From the CWSF 2012 Host Committee...

2011 CWSF Host Committee
Congratulations, you made the cut for this year’s Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF)!
That means that after all the local, regional and provincial science competitions, you are among Canada’s 500 top scientists from grades 7 to 12, so you get the honour of attending CWSF 2012.
We know you are in for an incredible experience. For the first time in its 51-year history, the CWSF will welcome finalists, delegates, judges and volunteers to Prince Edward Island.
Beyond showcasing your project and competing for top awards and prizes, you will:
  • SHARE a week with 500 other Canadian students who are also interested in science and technology;
  • MEET new friends from across Canada;
  • INTERACT with working scientists and engineers, primarily from Atlantic Canada, but also from other regions of the country;
  • DISCOVER the wonders and beauty of Prince Edward Island (PEI);
  • EXPLORE all that the University of PEI campus in Charlottetown has to offer;
  • ATTEND ceremonies, DANCE your heart out, EXPERIENCE cultural activities and TASTE Island treats;
  • WELCOME visits in the Exhibit Hall from students and teachers from PEI schools as well as Islanders interested in science;
  • ENCOURAGE everyone you meet to catch your enthusiasm for science and technology, and inspire others to pursue scientific and technological solutions to the challenges Canada faces.
As PEI’s Host Committee for the 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair, we have been hard at work to make sure that when you arrive on the Island you can ENJOY a safe and memorable experience, not just of your school year, but of a lifetime.
Congratulations again and we look forward to seeing you when you come to Prince Edward Island.
Your CWSF 2012 Host Committee Co-Chairs,
Dr. William Whelan Ph.D. & Dr. Andrew Trivett P.Eng.

From Youth Science Canada...

Elaine Ma, Chair - YSC Board of Directors
Congratulations to each finalist competing at the 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair! Enjoy the opportunity to discover the similarities and uniqueness of the many regions represented from coast to coast to coast. Relish the chance to absorb the ideas and enthusiasm of the exhibit hall. Enjoy the interactions with the judges, delegates, students and others as you are challenged to describe, explain, consider, predict and prove. Most importantly, get to know your fellow finalists through conversation and the many activities planned. Enjoy the week, create memories and build your network of contacts.
All the best to each delegate in your support and guidance as well as in the decisions you will make on behalf of the youth science community.
Congratulations and the best of luck to each member of the host committee, UPEI and the Province of Prince Edward Island. This is the first opportunity for the CWSF to come to PEI and everyone is looking forward to the experience!
Finalists, may your preparations go well, do your best and we trust you will have positive experiences to share with your family, friends and community when you return. We look forward to meeting each of you in beautiful Charlottetown!
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Youth Science Canada,
Len Reimer
Chair, Board of Directors

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