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CWSF 2003-Calgary Alberta

CWSF 2003-Calgary Alberta-University of Calgary, May 12-17, 2003

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CWSF 2003 - Calgary Alberta-University of Calgary, May 12-17, 2003

Team Quinte

 Team Quinte » for CWSF 2003: from left to right: Erik Yao, Jennifer, Arjun Yogeswaran , RaphaĆ«l Morin,
Thaddeus Sue-Chue-Lam , Derek Sue-Chue-Lam

Bowen, G. M., Bencze, J. L. & van Oostveen, R. (2003). Developing collaborative communities of student scientists and
engineers using electronic tools in the Let’s Do Projects! Web site. A presentation at the delegates’ workshops of the
Canada-wide Science Fair, May 14, 2003 Calgary, AB.
Roland H. van Oostveen
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Curriculum Vitae: John Lees-Miller
Alexander Rutherford Scholarship (university entrance)
Canada-Wide Science Fair: Silver Medal, Senior Computing Science and Mathematics
Canada-Wide Virtual Science Fair: Summa Cum Laude, Senior Engineering
Calgary Youth Science Fair: Gold Medal, Alberta Research Council Award, Grassroots
Environmental Stewardship Award, Plum Foundation Scholarship

2003 Science Fair, Grade 11 -  Jonathon Sick Pointing of an adaptively controlled Telescope with Star-Patter Recognition Pointing.

This project describes the development of a 32-cm f/5 Newtonian telescope designed for use by amateur astronomers in producing scientifically useful observations through high-accuracy computer control. The telescope is designed to achieve a 10-arcsecond pointing accuracy through the use of a star-pattern recognition algorithm that is modified with an empirical image appearance prediction system, which adds photometric measurements to the star-pattern recognition. This allows the effects of unresolvable clusters of stars, and the presence of non-stellar objects to be included in the star-pattern recognition process through the prediction of an object's pixel brightness and point spread function. To calibrate this system, a software package was written
that automates the process of identifying and measuring star parameters in an image through astrometrically driven star identification. Testing with pointing camera images has shown that star appearance on a CCD can be predicted with high accuracy. The telescope hardware features a unique fiberglass and metal compositeconstruction technique for precision component placement. An innovative placement of the autoguiding camera at the Newtonian prime focus through an on-axis tracking platform is also featured. The telescope is controlled with real-time software, on a laptop computer, using modified Firewire video cameras to provide pointing and tracking data. To test the accuracy of the control algorithms and simulate the effects of errors from
environmental and mechanical sources, a software application was written. Results from this and other tests have shown that this telescope can operate within the preset pointing and
tracking objectives necessary for scientific utilization.
Calgary Youth Science Fair 2003:
BP Award of Excellence ($1000 CDN)
Nortel Networks Technology and Innovation Award ($500
Lafarge Science Technology & Society Award ($400 CDN)
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Gold Medal sponsored by Anadarko ($50 CDN)
Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2003 in
Cleveland Ohio
Placement on Team Canada
Pricilla and Bart Bok Award, 2nd Place, from the American
Astronomical Society and Astronomical Society of the Pacific. ($3000 USD)
Optical Society of America Award, First Place. ($1000 USD)
US Patent and Trademark Office Award, First Place. ($200 USD)
Best use of Computing Award, Intel Foundation. (high performance Intel laptop computer)

Karla Krewulak
*Calgary Youth Science Fair Judge (2004)
*University of Calgary open house (2003)
*Canada Wide Science Fair Judge (2003)
*Biological Sciences Equity Committee graduate student representative (2002)
*Arbour Lake Triathlon (2001)
*Calgary Science Fair Judge (2001)
*Prairie University Biological Symposium Organizational Committee (2001)
*Eastglen Composite High School Swim Coach (2000)
*Cross Cancer Institute (1996-1999)
*Misericordia Hospital (1995)
*Provincial Museum of Alberta (1992-1994)

Renate Scheidler
Judge, Canada Wide Science Fair, University of Calgary, May 12-17, 2003


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